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Podcasting 101

Greetings everyone-

Did you know you could subscribe to Pastor Hughes’ audio podcasts? Well…you can! Here’s how it works. First, copy the following URL:

Next, open iTunes. Under “FILE,” look for “Subscribe to Podcast.” After you do this, a dialog window will pop up. When it does, paste the link (left click in the window, then right click, then select paste). This will get you the latest episode. Want all of them? Great! On the upper right side of the screen, look for the word “FEED.” If you select it, you can download the whole enchilada!


Audio Upgrades

Greetings everyone. The AV dept at Abundant Life has consistently strived for superior quality. Through the use of some modern editing software, we’ve made some recent changes to the audio portion of the service productions…and boy is there a difference! Please stick with us as we finalize the process. You may notice the choir sounds a little different from song to song, but nothing drastic. These refinements are all in an effort to deliver the best product possible, which ultimately allows us to spread God’s word further and farther.


Doyle Dykes is coming!

Everyone…I’m pleased to announce that Doyle Dykes, the man whom Chet Atkins referred to as the “greatest guitar player on earth,” will be at Abundant Life on Sunday, February 2nd. Plan to be there and be blessed. God works through Doyle in a way that will truly amaze.

Hello Abundant Life!

It’s here! It’s done! Well, almost. After several weeks of sweat and toil, the site is presentable. Many thanks to God for granting me the skills and mule-like determination to figure this out and get it done, and to my sweet wife Heather for letting me stay up past my bedtime for oh-so-long. There are still some things to do, no doubt, and I will get to them, but the time has come. Enjoy, and feel free to comment. I know there may be a few punctuation and spelling errors, but I’m working on it, just please bear with me.